Turning Ions into Oxygen: City Trees Brings Cartridge Recycling to Nevada

In terms of waste, cannabis isn’t exactly at the forefront of sustainability. In Nevada alone, landfills can see as much as 7,500 tons of trash in a day — and a majority of said waste does not come from locals. Tourism has long been discussed as the probable cause for excessive waste, but what are the cannabis industry’s options when there are no regulations for the safe disposal of cannabis products? In the tourist town of Las Vegas, local brand City Trees is creating their own sustainable solutions to this modern-day problem.

TBT: Did Julius Caesar Use Cannabis? | The Social Weed

Any cannabis-advocate worth their salt knows that the history of cannabis goes far beyond the hippy culture of the 1960s. Our favorite plant has been used in numerous cultures for various medical and agricultural reasons since as early as 6000 BCE. Though the history of things is a little smokey, small pieces of information and works of art hint at the truth. Not as early as 6000 BCE but near but around 48 BC, wars and alliances between Egypt, Greece, and Rome may have introduced a couple of his

Hemp Road Trip's Advocacy Around the World – Interview | The Social Weed

Even if you aren’t a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve heard the word Hemp. The durable plant is commonly confused for something entirely different from cannabis, especially considering the way the federal government recognizes it. Many legislators group cannabis and hemp together, assuming that give the same attributes for recreational use. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite popular belief, they are one in the same. Hemp, however, typically refers to the parts we don’t smoke like the

Mastering the Wake-and-Bake | The Social Weed

We’ve had a short introduction to terpenes, cannabinoids, concentrates, and all things cannabis throughout the last two weeks. From medicinal properties to flavors and feelings, we’ve equipped you with all the tools to make finding the perfect strain a lot less intimidating. As you collect all your favorite items and new purchases, it’s time to tackle one last thing: the illusive wake-n-bake. For many that use cannabis, either medically or recreationally, you’ve probably got things to do today.

Like A Banner: Cannabis Festival Culture | The Social Weed

Summer’s around the corner which means festival season is in full swing already. Every year around this time music and art festivals spring up to delight the senses of any interested. The lineup of shows fall into all various categories, some are meant for the canna-community while others lightly cater to the group. Despite their purpose, festivals throughout the years have helped bring people together over a common interest. In the case of cannabis, it helped normalize the activity of medicati

Jeff B.S. – The Unintentional Cannabis Advocate | The Social Weed

Anyone who knows Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, is aware he is not a friend of Cannabis. From “jokes” about the KKK and open letters the House, the former Alabama Senator seems to have the Cannabis Community completely against him but, why exactly? As of 2017, Jeff Sessions is our 84th congressional Attorney General but operated as the Republican Senator of Alabama from 1997 to 2017. The former US Army Captain has had a long political career starting as the Alabama State Attorney back in 19

Celebrate 420, History of 420 | The Social Weed

It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas. It’s 420, the unofficial stoner holiday! Everyday at 4:20, people partake in their preferred method with Cannabis in unspeakable unity. The day 4/20 has become an industry norm for parties, concerts, festivals and cannabis centric events to honor the three numbers that are synonymous with getting stoned. With only one more sleep left until 4/20 is upon us, the CannaCommunity tends to collective wonder, why 420? We all hear the numbers, see the

Dragon Age: Origins - Mibba

When someone says RPG in the gaming world, of course, the first name to pop in one's head is the Final Fantasy Series. When one says dungeons and dragons, a lot of gamers get a little iffy about battling fantasy creatures in some awkwardly dark fantasy land. Now, when one adds those to things together, the average gamer is beyond confused. The idea of a successful game built on those basis is sometimes laughable but Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins, may have proven us all wrong. RPG based games ar

Assassin's Creed 2 - Mibba

Nothing is true; everything is permitted. These words are the creed of assassins and the basis of the new game from Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed 2. It is the much anticipated sequel to 2007's Assassin's Creed. The beautiful eye catching cities and bloody yet stealthy ways of killing returned for a second run, but; did it live up to the former glory of its predecessor? In many gamers' opinions, absolutely but others... The game was lacking some major points. The first Assassin's Creed is the platf